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Residential Services

ARL Geelong is ready to meet your security requirements at home, investment property or your Airbnb whenever you need us.  We carry a variety of Locks and hardware in our Mobile Service Vehicles, so most jobs can be completed on the spot.  Whether you've recently moved house, lost your keys or are locked out, we are ready to take your call.  We service all of the Geelong area and can make life easier for you by reducing the number of keys you need to carry by 'keying alike' your locks. 

ARL is a completely local Geelong Locksmith company, with no 'sister companies', bogus webpages or aliases.  We are transparent in all our dealings and hold all relevant licences and Police checks.  ARL is not affiliated with any other Geelong Locksmith.  We are totally independent and are continually striving to offer the Geelong community, an affordable and highly professional alternative. 

From Apollo Bay to Werribee, Portarlington to Meredith and everywhere in between, ARL Locksmiths Geelong will be there FAST.

Locked Out in the Greater Geelong Surfcoast area?

We will be there in minutes and get you inside fast!

Beware of Locksmith scammers! You don't have to google too hard to read stories about innocent victims getting reeled-in by a too good to be true cheap deal. ARL offers the best rates and we professionally gain entry to your premises without leaving you to replace locks and repair framework.

 All types of Locks Repaired & fitted

If we can save you money, we will period... We are not in the business of selling locks for the sake of it and will assess your situation for the best outcome for your safety and pocket. All our spare parts are genuine but if your lock is beyond repair, we can provide a cost-effective replacement.

Duplicate Keys

For your convenience, we can copy most keys on the spot. We can also issue-number stamp your keys for key control.

Geelong, Rekey/ Master key services

We can key-alike your existing locks so you only need to carry one key. If you want peace of mind, we can re-key your locks so that you know nobody else has keys.  We also specialize in 'Do Not Copy' keys which are an excellent choice for rentals and holiday homes.

Geelong, Garage Locks

We can make new keys for your Garage doors and in some cases, we can even make your Roller Door the same key as your house key. We also supply and code remotes for roller doors.

Geelong Digital Keyless door locks

Create unique pin codes and enjoy 100% key free unlocking. We are experts when it comes to Digital Locking solutions.

Ash Reed Locksmiths are pleased to provide the following additional residential services:

Identity Theft Solutions

 Identity theft is a growing concern in the Geelong region and your mail box is the easiest way for a criminal to gain access to your personal information.  We specialize in securing mail boxes and Meter Boxes. Power Industry locks must be used in some circmstances and we carry a full range. Call us now for a free appraisal.

Custom Surveillance Systems

We can provide you with surveillance systems that can alert you to suspicious activity wherever you are. Ring Smart Whole-Home Security Solutions installations are our specialty.

Pick-Resistant Locks

If you want to get really serious with your security, ARL Locksmiths Geelong can configure your locks to resist picking and key bumping. We also supply and install new pick-resistant deadlocks and door handles. 

Screen & Garage Door Locks

Are your screen door handles sagging or not locking properly? We replace Geelong Screen door locks nearly every day of the year and will give you the right advice. We repair Garage door locks and supply and code new remotes 

Non-Destructive Entry

Call us geeks, but we practice picking locks in our spare-time. If your lock can be picked, we will pick it as if we have a key for it. Locksmithing is our passion. We use state of the art by-pass tools and trained methods to get you back inside quick.

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