Best fish and chips Geelong

If you want real fish and chips and are old enough to remember those Greek owned chip shops from your childhood then look no further than Minerva Road Fish Shop.

This business has not changed its locally procured menu in my lifetime and I doubt it ever will whilst the Tsipnis family owns it. The chips are hand-cut on site which is extremely rare in this day and age; bearing this in mind, the chips change ever so slightly with the seasonal spuds but they’re never going to disappoint.

Local Butchers supply the traditional Yiros souvlaki meat and burgers. The flake is locally sourced gummy shark and everything is cooked with pride. I believe even the bread used for steak sandwiches is from Brumby‘s Bakery next door.

I don’t know of a shop anywhere that still has a 2 dollar minimum chips, in fact the whole menu is affordable and the proud owners are prone to rounding down the total price to even up the monetary exchange.

It is clearly obvious that the owners are not in it to squeeze every cent out of their customers, but rather they seem to know that people will return year in and year out by treating them decently and most importantly, by feeding them with memorable meals.

My highlights are the potato cakes, flake, sweet little scallops and of course their chips.

Any criticism of the business that I have seen on the internet, usually relates to their sometimes sporadic operating hours; occasionally they take a day off but they won’t get casual staff in due to their own high standards- I am OK with this and so should we all be. (I also believe competitors love to defame them as they win awards without trying)

I believe that Minerva Road Fish Shop is the best Geelong has to offer. Go in and tell them you want “slops” - trust me, it’s a local thing that the kids in the area have always done! Not for the faint hearted but wow it’s good.

Minerva Road Fish Shop is located near the Church Street intersection on Minerva Road in Manifold Heights

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