Geelong's Best Take Away Chinese Food

As a Geelong native and a roaming Geelong Locksmith, I find myself in need of replenishment on the road and I have tried loads of eateries in the Geelong area- some great, some not so great; here is a few of my highest recommendations...

Best Chinese Food in Geelong - Pizza Wok Separation Street, North Geelong.

This place looks like a dive and the fact that there's a fusion of pizza and chinese on sale, scared me at first, but that was 25 years ago. I can honestly say that the anglo-chinese food coming out of this establishment, is the best in the region. The Lemon Chicken is divine and the portion size is generous, with loads of lemon sauce served in a separate container. The entree sweet bbq roast pork is on point so too are the dim sims which are home-made and a decent size.

For just under $10 you can get a take-away lunch special between Wednesday and Friday. They also deliver, but I have only ever used that service once and the food was no way near as fresh as when I collect from the store.

Highlights: Beef with black bean, Special fried rice, Honey Chicken, Chicken with cashews.

I tried a pizza there once and it was OK, but the Chinese food is what they're good at IMHO

Baz the little Aussie guy with the tats is the Front of House and he is a ripper bloke and has been there for ages- ask him what to order if you get stuck as they have a huge menu to choose from.

Worthy mentions: Ju-Fu Garden Pako, Poon and Wongs Shannon Ave.

Pizza Wok / Lemon Chicken, Singapore Noodles and home-made Spring Roll

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