Locksmith Scams in Geelong?

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

When you google 'locksmith Geelong' especially after hours, you will probably see locksmiths offering $45 call-outs right at the top of the search page. These search findings are paid advertisements and are part of an internationally-trending scam.

Usually what happens is a backpacker or a Uni student shows up and that is when the nightmare begins..


A friend of mine in the industry who is based in Melbourne, was recently sent by a Real Estate agent to fix up the damage caused by a scammer and he described in disbelief the carnage to the door frame and door plus the $45 bill had blown-out to over $400.

I personally believe that Geelong people are pretty sharp and would recognize that the company offering cheap deals was a scam, but here are the tell-tale signs:

When you call the number, there is a delay and the call is usually taken by someone with a thick foreign accent, the operator won't have a clue where Leopold or Bell Park or Herne Hill is, and the operator will close the deal without even really assessing what your problem is- they just want their cut for booking the call.

You don't always see the scammers advertising in Geelong, but if they have someone available, they will open up their service area radius to include Geelong.

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